4 Things In SEO That Is Better Than HTTPS (SSL)

Since Google announced SSL as a positive ranking signal, we have taken it very seriously and this announcement shakes among the SEO industries. Even I’ve seen a couple of my fellow bloggers invested in SSL because of getting a better position in Google. But my question is, will it drop a web page from SERP only for not having SSL?

Of course not! Because switching to SSL doesn’t change the content or its quality. It’s also true that SSL has some impact in SERP, but not so much. Don’t forget that SSL is just one factor among 100’s.

Don’t think that I do not recommend SSL. I just want to say SSL is just a ranking factor among the hundreds and we could follow few other that would have a bigger impact than SSL.

In SEO the only things that can change the game is quality of Content, so there is nothing that has more impact in SERP than content and you know that a content always gets its quality by measuring a lot of factors.

I’ve found some other amazing ways that you could try today and that will improve your SEO more than SSL. You might wonder about how? Let’s look at these particular order below:

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4 things better then https in seo

1: SEO Copywriting.

If you really want to build your blog audience, you’re going to have to get smarter with your content.

One of the great challenges that bloggers or content writer face is writing contents that are optimized for search engines also liked by people.

Actually, there is no rule for a good and well-written content. The only rule is describing the content widely so readers will enjoy it and make it a pretty good conversational copy that your readers will love to be engaged.

Now everywhere is SEO copy and it’s very rare to find an original and well-written content from the crowd of SEO copy.

2: Strong CTA Friendly Title & Description.

The Post titles and descriptions tell what’s inside the content and a good title/description gets more CTR than others. So, you can increase your click-through rate in SERP by simply thinking 5 more minutes about it. You know that the content that gets more CTR than others will get a good rank in SERP. You don’t need to make your post title, keyword heavy or optimized for SERP length. It’s better to have a keyword and an action word like best, top, Buy, Shop, etc.

3: HQ Link Building.

Link Building is still the best method to gain high-performance search engine traffic and increasing the search engine visibility of your chosen keywords.

Link building has become one of the most important parts of ranking any website on Search Engines. The term link building refers to create backlinks. More specifically, to create quality backlinks. The importance of quality backlinks is boundless.

It is said that “Contents are King and Backlinks is Queen “. The most important factor of ranking any website is good quality contents and then good quality backlinks.

If your site has good quality posts then why you don’t try to get ranked on the search engines by creating good quality backlinks?

Every webmaster wants to create backlinks on HPR (High Page Rank) sites. It is not so difficult to create high PR Do-follow backlinks. But should try to create quality backlinks.

4: Improving Website Usability.

Website usability plays a major role in SEO. The faster website gets parsed quickly than slow ones by search robot and If your website takes more than 3 seconds, you will lose lots of visitors from your website forever.

There is no one exactly can tell the real SEO. A web page ranked in SERP based on over 100’s of the algorithm. So, it’s too difficult to clearly identify the real SEO. However, the latest inclusion is Google Ranking factor is SSL certificate, but before switching over SSL I recommend you to apply the above things to see how it increase your website rank in search engines.



It does not mean I am blaming SSL, the question is not only focus on SSL for search engine optimization. The purpose of the article to tell what you can do to make your site ranking better in search engines without having an SSL to your site. Hope you enjoyed reading. Happy Blogging!

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